Privilege Sticker System

To the Editor:

            I read with bitter amusement the article titled “Privilege Sticker System Under Review.” The sentences that caught my attention were:

            #1: “I’m not sure I’m prepared to endorse forcing people to pay for something they don’t need,” said Selectman Paul Silva.

           On November 9, I was forced to write a check to the Town of Mattapoisett for $10,877.00 (and that is only an estimated half) for something that I did NOT want, did NOT need, did NOT get and devalued my property by that amount.

            #2: “It really is not fair,” said Selectman Tyler Macallister.

            My neighbors (very nice neighbors) across the street and down the road had their choice to accept or not.  Things are NOT always fair.

Eleanor Johansen


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