ORRJHS 2012 Survival-to-Soldier Project

On behalf of the ORRJHS 2012 Survival-to-Soldier Project, I am pleased to inform everyone that two shipments of care packages were sent out to Captain Owen Fogarty’s unit of 170 soldiers currently stationed in Afghanistan. In total, the two shipments contained 29 boxes with a total weight of approximately 250 pounds of items for the soldiers!

More importantly, each soldier received a personal letter from the Survival student participants and Captain Fogarty received his Survival t-shirt. Word was received back from the soldiers thanking all of you for writing and thinking of them. I urge everyone, especially the Survival participants, to visit the ORRJHS website’s main page (pan down a little) to view a photograph sent back to the students from the soldiers in Afghanistan!

Lastly, but most importantly, I would like to extend a sincere, heartfelt thanks to all who donated and helped to make this project such a huge success. In closing, I would ask that you keep these soldiers in your thoughts and hearts for a speedy and safe deployment; freedom is never free.

Many thanks again,

Diane Merlo

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