Open Space and Rural Character

To the Editor:

Good grief!

A press report states that a member of the Mattapoisett Planning Board suggests the area all along Route 6 in town, from the Fairhaven town line to Aucoot Road (close to the Marion town line) be rezoned business.

In my younger days, the cry was, ‘Let’s not let Route 6 become like Route 6 in Buzzards Bay!’

Next came the horror show along Route 6 in North Dartmouth.

Route 6 in East Fairhaven has now approached the point of no return.

Let me remind those Mattapoisett newcomers about the action town meeting took in May 1985.

Article 26 called for extending the General Business District on the north side of Fairhaven Road (Route 6) easterly for 1,939 feet. That was defeated 90-20.

Article 27 called for 1,277 feet of the General Business District on the south side of Marion Road (Route 6) to be changed to rural residence. That passed 109-2.

I suggest the current Board stop wasting time on this ridiculous suggestion and work on more important land use issues (such as larger lot sizes outside of the river valley) for the benefit of those who elected them and for future generations.

Recent town surveys show the percentage of residents favoring open space and rural character remains very high.

Brad Hathaway



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