Marion Community Garden

To the Editor:

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz said, “There’s no place like home.” But I would say, “There’s no place like Sippican School’s Community Garden, where many people made it every bit as beautiful as Oz itself.”

The space alongside the school’s bus loop, where there had been an overgrowth of weeds and broken-down raised beds, is now teeming with lovely organic plants and flowers. A bucketful of thanks is due to so many individuals and organizations that have made this possible. Jelmer Miedema was magical in providing lumber and his expertise to create seven new raised beds, as well as moving wood chips and soil to make our pathways clear and weed-free.

Bob Zutaut also provided lumber for new beds and a cleverly built tiered strawberry garden. Additionally, he erected a needed wooden arbor for a grape vine that is bursting with new growth. Several individuals and families came to revitalize the garden during our April community garden opening. Further, I would like to thank V.A.S.E, the school’s volunteer organization, for a generous donation that will enable us to provide garden club sessions into next spring. The Tree and Parks Committee and the Marion Garden Discussion Group’s donation made it possible to purchase three new umbrellas, a storage box and needed garden supplies. Home Depot and Keegan Painting Co. provided the stain, paint and brushes for freshening our picnic tables, shed and some of the garden boxes. Thanks to Eden Landscape for the donated blueberry bushes and a grapevine. For many years, Lucky Field Organic farm has generously donated compost and amendments to improve our soil, and they stepped forward again as the revitalization plan began. Parents and teachers have been great support by helping out during garden club meetings. Thanks to Stephanie Zutaut, Patti Richard and Hannah Moore. Of course, there are may small deeds that should not be forgotten or underappreciated, like those who have taken a turn to provide weekly watering of the garden or sent in a special apple pie as an end-of-the-season treat for students. I extend many, many thanks to you all. Sippican School is looking forward to future seasons of bountiful harvests and learning opportunities for its students.

And, as a reminder, the Sippican School Community Garden is always seeking individuals and families who could provide a week of watering and weeding during the growing season. Please email Diane Cook, garden coordinator,, if you can help out or would like to make a contribution for future improvements and programming.

Happy gardening!

Diane Cook, Sippican School Garden Coordinator

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