Election Correction

In my letter that appeared in last week’s issue of The Wanderer, I inadvertently misrepresented the process for voting in a primary election, at least in Mattapoisett, for which I apologize! According to our Town Clerk, Barbara Sullivan, in order to vote on primary day Thursday, September 6, if you are “unenrolled” (that is, not registered with a political party), you need only go to the polling place and ask for the ballot belonging to the party in whose primary you wish to vote. No need to enroll ahead of time and no need to disenroll afterward. Your unenrolled status remains unchanged. However, if you are registered with a political party, you will vote using the ballot of the party with which you have registered.

If you have any questions about the process in your town, please speak with your Town Clerk and again, I encourage everyone to vote on primary day Thursday, September 6.


Cindy Johnson


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