Detoured by Sandy

To the Editor:

This letter is an apology to the good people of Mattapoisett who always support the Florence Eastman Post and were so sadly inconvenienced by the cancellation of our Ham and Bean Supper scheduled for the third of November. By way of explanation I offer the following: my wife and I were enjoying a two-week vacation in Lucaya, Grand Bahamas when we were visited, at the end of our second week, by SANDY! We received minimal damage but the loss of power denied us all contact with the real world from October 25 through October 31.

The last word we had was Sandy was heading up the coast and would deliver a major storm with up to one to two feet of snow to Southern New England by the weekend. I was not able to contact anyone at the Post until the 31st when power was restored to discuss a cancellation, as we were not scheduled to return until November 2. The Wanderer had gone to press with our final ad before we could notify them. Danny White put the cancellation onto the Town Bulletin Board, the Town Hall notified the Elderly housing folks and we requested that the Lions’ Board at Route 6/North Street indicate the cancellation, but the keeper of the bulletin board was ill and the change was not made.

Once again, on behalf of the Post, I offer our sincere apology. We hope you will join us on the 1st of December for the rescheduled Ham and Bean Supper. Thank you all for your understanding and continued support! Thank you again!

Michael P. Lamoureux, Commander

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