Brandt Point Development

Dear Editor:

At the Planning Board Meeting last night in regard to the Brandt Point Development’s request to amend its original agreement with the Town of Mattapoisett, numerous neighbors of the development have expressed the problems that they have had to deal with just since Phase I has gone forward. Other concerns have been put forward by the Highway Commissioner for past inadequacies and failures by developers to meet the standards as have been brought to the attention of the Conservation Commission at their meeting with the Brandt Point Developers on May 14th.

Mr. Williams’ projections of revenues that will be created by these new homes are at best questionable, but the thing that he doesn’t mention is that the costs for educating the children and providing services for the people of this development will far exceed the taxes that are generated by it.

It is my hope that the Planning Board will keep these failures to meet the requirements of the by-laws of this town by the various developers in mind when they meet in closed session on June 2nd. Once this cluster development is allowed to proceed, the people of Mattapoisett will be left with the cleanup of the problems that they will create.

Sincerely yours,

Paul E. Osenkowski

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