Book Sale Thank You

To the Editor:

The Trustees of the Elizabeth Taber Library in Marion are very appreciative of the excellent work done by Nita Howland and her loyal group of volunteers in organizing the Book Sale this year. Nita was asked to take charge of the sale several years ago, and she has put a lot of energy into this project.

Throughout the year, Nita visits the library’s basement to sort the donated books, and in August she arranges their transportation and setup at the Marion Music Hall. Susan Schwager and Nancy Rolli help Nita run the sale. Other volunteers are Pat Lemire, who organized the children’s books, and Joan Barry, Charlene Sperry and Diana Markle, who provided general assistance. Madelaine Smith donated many hours to cleaning up after the sale.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of these volunteers, and others too numerous to name, our hoped-for goal of $6,000 has been realized. This will go toward the purchase of materials and the funding of programs that patrons enjoy. The Trustees are truly grateful to our wonderful volunteers.

Asha Wallace

President, Elizabeth Taber Library Board of Trustees

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