An Alert to Caring Grandparents

Just an alert to caring grandparents: On Wednesday at 2:00 pm, I got a phone call from my grandson (not). “Grandma, I am so embarrassed to call you, but I’m really in big trouble. I got into an accident. I hit someone and they have a concussion and stitches and cuts. The victim wants to settle and I have to pay his medical bill of $2,500. He let me talk to his lawyer, who told me what to do and how. Please send a Money Gram.” I did. The lawyer called back at 3:15 pm and said they were holding the money and to have it released, I am to call Money Gram.  Everything had been rush rush, it started sounding fishy.

I called my grandson and asked how he was doing. He said he was fine so I asked if he had called and he said no. I called Money Gram and explained. She checked the number and said I was lucky because the money hadn’t been picked up yet. She cancelled the transaction and gave me a new number to get my money back. Two minutes later, I got the money. Thank God, how lucky and foolish I feel. When asked again, I want their middle name.

Very lucky and thankful,

Ginnie Bailey

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