All the Lions Club Does

To the Editor:

            In your recent Wanderer issue (Vol. 22, Issue 25, Nr. 1056), Letters to the Editor, Mr. Robert Brown expressed his support for the Mattapoisett Community Tennis Association (for those enjoying tennis) and mentioned the Mattapoisett Lions Club, among others, as being public service organizations.

He goes on to say “the Lions Club had changed its focus to supporting eye research only.”

Mr. Brown, were you at the Town Beach this past week when Lion members prepared and served hot dogs and popcorn to beachgoers, did you notice the roof repairs on the shade sheds at the beach, were you aware of the turkey dinners provided to our senior citizens this past May, how about the ramps constructed for our disabled citizens, the eyeglasses and hearing aides we provided, or the trip to New Jersey, by Lions members, helping and feeding their unfortunate citizens after the recent hurricane? All these services provided at no expense to the recipients.

Mr. Brown, these are just a few of our most recent services, performed for our community, all at no charge to the recipients.

Although eye research and hearing research are extremely important to us, they are far from the only focus.

Mr. Brown, why not visit us at Harbor Days and utilize the services of our Eye Mobile? It will be our pleasure to explain the true facts regarding Lionism in general and Mattapoisett in particular. You might be interested in allowing us to offer you an invitation to join.

We Serve,

Paul Levine

Past President

Mattapoisett Lions Club


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  1. PKL Joe Murray says:

    Well done, PKL Paul.

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