Updates on Traffic Circle and CNG Station

Complaints about a newly constructed traffic circle off of High Street at Connet Woods were addressed Thursday, with Planning Board Chairman Arnold Johnson also asking for better communication from Edgewood Development Company regarding the work they’re doing at the subdivision.

“[The traffic circle] wasn’t quite right,” said Johnson, who also noted that a new fire suppression basin was still being evaluated at the site as well. “It was more of design issue than a constructability issue. The road was about a foot off.”

Johnson noted that they brought the largest fire truck in town there to see if it would make it around the circle, which it did, but with some difficulty.

“We’ve all been very pleased with the way things have been constructed over there, but [of late] supervision has been lax, and things got a little bit skewed on the communication [between the site supervisor and town officials].”

“We got a little ahead of ourselves,” said Tim Higgins of Edgewood Development. “With the season ending, we tried to push a little harder. We will redo that [circle] so it does work. We will have the engineers look at it.”

As for the fire retention pond, Higgins said they’d assess its effectiveness in the near future.

“We’ll see what the next round of precipitation does to it,” Higgins said.

The Board also approved a motion to close public hearing for the future subdivision for Robert Lawrence of 293 Hartley Rd., and also approved a motion for Form C of their Definitive Subdivision Plan.

Officials from NSTAR were also on hand a public hearing for a Site Plan Review application for an electric transfer station for NSTAR on Cranberry Highway, which the Board made a motion to approve.

“It’s pretty straightforward,” Johnson said.

Another public hearing was continued for a Site Plan Review application for Covanta Clean Energy for the construction of a CNG (compressed natural gas) fueling station on Cranberry Highway.

“The board went out there on a site visit,” Johnson said. “The police chief looked at [the traffic report] and he was OK with it. I think everything else is pretty much in order. We’re just waiting for a final report from [Rochester engineer] Kenny [Motta] on that.”

The Board accepted a motion from Johnson to continue the public hearing until November 8 at 6:30 pm because there were still some unfinished reports and data to be assessed.

By Nick Walecka


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