Two Special Building Permits Approved

On Thursday night, the Mattapoisett Zoning Board unanimously approved two separate appeals for special building permits on Mattapoisett properties.

The first appeal to be approved was for Michael and Suzanne Clancy of 5 Woodbine Road in Mattapoisett.  The plan is to demolish the single-family residence, which was built in 1947, and to build a new one.  The current property sits at the corner of Woodbine Road and Ridge Avenue.

According to Michael Costa, the engineer and land surveyor for the Clancy’s, the property is 30,000 square feet.  He said that with the new home would net a decrease in 11% of coverage over the lot.

“I do not feel, as well with the applicants, that the house would be detrimental to the area,” said Costa.

“It’s a great project,” said Andrew Bobola, the town’s Inspector of Buildings.  “Most cottages have seen a large share of changes,” he said, referring to the current neighborhood.  “I think it’s a good fit.”

The second appeal to be approved was for Stephanie Fleck and Michael Morin of 12 Euclid Avenu.  Similar to the previous hearing, the plan is to demolish the current residence, which was built in 1945, and to construct a new one.

William Saltonstall of Saltonstall Architects represented them at the hearing.  He said that the total coverage of the new lot would be 22%, and that the Board of Health had already approved changes to the septic system.

“It’s a nice improvement to what is basically a summer residence,” said Bobola.  “Everything meets the requirements of the zoning board.”

Chairman of the board Jeffrey Chase said that the property “would definitely be a nice improvement” to the neighborhood.

By Nick Walecka

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