Two Rochester Break-Ins Investigated

The Rochester Police Department is warning residents after two recent house breaks in town. On Thursday at noon, officers investigated a B&E in the 300 block of Alley Road. Later in the day, another break-in was reported on Mendell Road in the 90 block. In one case, two televisions were stolen, and in the other case, police are still waiting for the resident to determine what may have been taken. Police are following up on both cases and hope to identify suspects.

Rochester Police are asking for the public to keep an extra eye out and report suspicious persons and vehicles immediately by dialing 911.

Rochester Police offer the following prevention tips:

Lock all doors and windows when leaving the house, even for a short while.

Keep large sums of cash in banks and expensive jewelry in safe deposit boxes.

Do not hide door keys outside the house.

If you have an alarm system, be sure to set it every time you leave the house.

Don’t allow items such as newspapers and mail to accumulate outside your home.

Let a trusted neighbor know when you will be away.


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