Town to Crack Down on Marina

Mattapoisett’s Conservation Commission will issue a cease and desist letter to Robert Ringuette demanding that certain activities at his Leisure Shores Marina stop immediately. Those activities are scraping, power washing, painting, and similar work that is allegedly causing chemical discharge in the surrounding marshlands.

The board members, conservation agent, and building inspector all concur that longstanding issues at the site have not been easy to mitigate with Ringuette. It was also noted that several agencies from DEP, Army Corps of Engineers, Conservation, and Building will need to be involved to resolve any impacts from Ringuette’s business activities.

A letter that had previously been sent to Ringuette has gone unanswered to date. In spite of the difficulties the governing agencies have experienced, the Conservation Commission is united in addressing the newest problems post haste.

In other business, a hearing with Daniel Oliver, 40 Water St., to construct a deck and float across protected wetlands areas was heard for changes and amendments imposed upon the project by the Army Corps of Engineers. After reviewing the modest changes from the original order of conditions, the board approved the changes. The Corps requested changes to the original plan to allow for the regeneration of eel grasses and other wetland vegetation in the future.

A request for determination of applicability filed by Philip Spillane, a cottage located at 9 Oliver St., for construction of 14-by-26-foot addition on sono-tube footings was continued until July 8. The mapping the applicant used was not accurate, and newer maps situate the property in question within a velocity zone or V zone. As described on the website:

The two primary types of flood zones (or special flood hazard areas) included in the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act regulations as Land Subject to Coastal Storm Flowage are velocity zones and A-zones. Velocity flood zones, also known as V-zones or coastal high hazard areas, have been identified by FEMA as areas “where wave action and/or high velocity water can cause structural damage in the 100-year flood,” a flood with a 1-percent chance of occurring or being exceeded in a given year (See 100 Year Floods Don’t Come on Schedule, on page 15). Because of this potential for damage, stringent regulatory requirements seek to ensure that work and construction in V-zones will minimize environmental and structural impacts, as well as economic loss. A-zones are areas inundated in a 100-year storm event that experience conditions of less severity than conditions experienced in V-zones, for example, wave heights less than 3 feet. Since FEMA flood zones may experience dangerous storm-generated wave action and surges, an accurate determination of the spatial extent of these zones is vital to understanding the level of risk for a particular property or activity.

The applicant is to return for the July 8 with plans that reflect the correct zone category.

Notice of intent filed by James Neely of Rock Street for building a single-family dwelling with an attached garage was also continued. The location is in a coastal flood zone, however, the design is not required to contain compensatory storage that was added to the plans presented. Plans will be resubmitted with that change, as well as drainage mapping and dewatering plans. Continued until July 8.

A request for certificate of compliance filed by Peter & Carol Simmons, 12 Melissa Anne Ln., was approved.

The board also ratified an emergency certificate issued to the Mattapoisett Water & Sewer Department for repair of exposed pipe at the intersection of Point Connett and Peace’s Point. The pipes were exposed after repeated winter storm waters eroded the surrounded soils.

Building Inspector Andy Bobola requested the board consider adding one or two additional Conservation Commission members to beef up the number of board members available to provide expertise and any quorum problems which might surface from time to time. He submitted a letter he received from Town Counsel, Brian Winner. It was noted that a Town Meeting vote would not be required to appoint new board members, but might if those new appointees were to have voting responsibilities. The sitting board will review Winner’s letter and Bobola’s request, deeming it was worth consideration.

The next Conservation Commission meeting is scheduled for July 8.

By Marilou Newell

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