Town Hall Repairs Well Underway

Repairs to the Rochester Town Hall are well underway.  The project, which was approved at the Fall Town Meeting in November, is currently in its first phase.  Town Administrator Richard LaCamera updated the Board on the project’s status during their regular meeting on Monday, January 7.

“The project is moving along very well,” said LaCamera.  “Everything is going good.”

The first phase of the project includes replacing the shingles on the roof.  It should be finished by end of the week, LaCamera said, thanks largely in part to the cooperative weather.

The second phase of repairs will include replacing the windows and the siding on the building.

In other news, Grant King from SRPEDD briefed the Selectmen on a public workshop that will be held in the coming weeks.  The workshop will inform all interested citizens on how they can change the priority protection and development areas outlined on the map that was established five years ago.

“This is just a courtesy call,” said King.

Every five years, a representative from SRPEDD visits its 27 communities in order to update their maps.  Once the workshop is held, the town will have a chance to change the maps to honor which lands they would like to be protected and which to be developed. After the workshop, a new map will be drafted for the Selectmen to endorse.

“We’re hoping to have as many people participate as possible,” said King.

Town Clerk Naida Parker announced that both nomination papers for the upcoming election and dog licenses for 2013 are available at Town Hall to be picked up.

The Rochester Board of Selectmen will meet again on Monday, January 14 in Rochester Town Hall at 7:00 pm.

By Katy Fitzpatrick



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