Three Hearings, Three OK’d Projects

Calling all three projects before them good for the town, the members of the Zoning Board of Appeals, with Building Inspector Andy Bobola on hand providing his expert opinion, moved swiftly through the public hearings on Thursday night’s agenda.

First up were Jordan and Jessica Collyer, of 5 Hillside Ave., coming before the board requesting approval for a 700-foot change to their home, which will include a new garage and living space. The home was built in 1955. The Collyers are looking to gain more living space for their family’s need and to a more useable garage. Bobola advised the board that the requested modifications would fit with the neighborhood. Collyer received approval.

The second project was for property owned by Kevin and Lisa Geraghty for their 1843 home located at 24 Pine Island Rd. This project was also to expand living space needs of the homeowner along with a new pool, patio areas, and the evaluation of the garage. Some of the work planned will help improve drainage that is currently a problem due to storm water runoff. By increasing the evaluation of the garage and pitching the grade away from the structure, that problem would be solved. The kitchen area will be expanded with a lounge area to increase the overall useable space. David Davignon of Schneider & Associates represented the applicants detailing the planned alternations and noting that he had been before the Conservation Commission and received approval with conditions. The project was approved.

Last up were James and Kelly Hoye of Dighton regarding their property located at 7 Ripple St. This significant project came about out of necessity. The existing structure could not be converted to meet FEMA regulations. The applicants propose to demolish the existing home and replace it with a new conforming structure. They too had been through the Conservation Commission hearing process and worked with them for the best use of a difficult lot. The parcel spans two different types of controlled spaces, a flood plain and wetlands. After review of the plans, Bobola told the board it would be a nice addition to the area replacing a less than appealing structure. The project was approved.

The Zoning Board of Appeals will not meet again until January of 2014.

By Marilou Newell


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