Strategic Plan Sees More Progress

After months if not years of hard work, a Strategic Plan for the Old Rochester Regional School District is beginning to take form, with four specific goals announced by Elise Frangos.

Frangos, who is the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for the district, has spearheaded the effort to formulate the Strategic Plan, and highlighted the goals at the Old Rochester Regional School Committee meeting Wednesday. They are as follows:

Strategic Goal No. 1: “Meeting Needs of All Students” – “By June of 2018 we will have embraced a broad and challenging curriculum that fosters social, emotional, and academic growth of all students.”

Strategic Goal No. 2: “Relationships Goal” – “By June of 2018 we will have developed positive, productive, collegial relationships with all constituencies across the Tri-Town Districts to create the environment that fosters student learning.”

Strategic Goal No. 3: “Technology Goal” – “By June of 2018 we will have implemented a 21st century comprehensive technology plan.”

Strategic Goal No. 4: “Organizational Structure Goal” – “By June of 2018 we will have examined our current Organizational Structure and systems to implement efficiencies that ensure all district-wide goals are met.”

In other news, the Committee discussed potential mandatory Advanced Placement (AP) testing and other potential changes for students taking AP courses at Old Rochester Regional High School. Currently, there is not mandatory testing and has not been for seven years, according to principal Michael Devoll, but officials are looking into potentially reverting to mandatory testing.

“We’re concerned at the school level,” said Devoll regarding exploring different options for their AP program. “We want to do a better job at [running the program].”

Devoll discussed several aspects of the program, noting that ORR had 37 students sign up for AP History for this semester, but said that only 12 followed through. He hinted at possibly implementing contracts signed by the students and their parents as one potential change.

He also said that currently, AP tests are $85 apiece, which could burden some students and potentially influence their decision to take the courses if testing was made mandatory.

“There’s a number of directions that it can go in,” said Duvall, adding that they would continue talks regarding the AP program.

The Committee also announced the nomination of Nancy Clark to fill a temporary position on the Committee.

“It would be advantageous of us to reach out and accept this opportunity,” said Superintendent Douglas White of Clark, who will fill one of the Mattapoisett seats on the Committee. According to White, Clark will fill the seat for the remainder of the year until it opens back up before next school year, when it will go out to vote.

By Nick Walecka


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