Solar Bylaw Discussed in Marion

A lively discussion was held by the Marion Planning Board at their meeting on Monday evening regarding the Solar Bylaw that will be presented at the Fall Town Meeting in October.

Jennifer Francis of the Marion Energy Management Committee addressed the Planning Board. Norm Hills, a Planning Board member, is also a member of the Marion Energy Management Committee. The members were given a draft of the bylaw, but some members had not seen the draft and wanted time to review it before discussing it in detail.

Another solar issue discussed was how to handle an abandoned solar installation. The board will hold a special public meeting at 5:00 pm on Aug. 12. Public comments are welcome. A copy of the bylaw draft is available at the Town House.

In other business, the board reviewed and approved an Approval Not Required at 208 Sprint Street proposed by 210 Spring St., LLC c/o Existing Grade Inc. The case involved the purchase of 9,595 square feet from the Wave Restaurant that is being sold to the 40B project, which is adjacent to the property. The additional land will provide access to the service road into the project, thereby avoiding contact with the existing wetlands.

Next, the board heard from Sandy Conaty of the Southeastern Regional Planning & Economic Development District (SRPEDD). Conaty handed out a copy of Westport’s Master Plan for 2014, which described the process and public input in how the town envisions their future. The board agreed to put together a survey for town residents and ask them to complete the survey. An online survey program known as Survey Monkey will be used. Publicity on the survey will follow to make sure residents are aware of the importance of their opinions on the future of the town.

Just before closing resident Carol Sans asked the board if they had considered the issue of medical marijuana sales. “If someone wants to come into town and provide this service, we should have the dos and don’ts already in place. It’s coming, so we should be dealing with it.”

By Joan Hartnett-Barry

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