Skrutski Denied Variance

The Rochester Zoning Board of Appeals voted to deny Marjorie Skrutski of 10 Marion Road a variance – which would allow her commercial neighbor, Sperry Tents, to park on her property – at their Thursday, February 23 meeting.

               Ms. Skrutski originally had sought out a variance in October 2011 for an accessory use to allow the parking. At that time, the Building Commissioner had issued a Cease and Desist to Ms. Skrutski who had allowed Sperry Tents to park on her property without town authorization. Ms. Skrutski did not attend the hearing, and her denial was given by the board without prejudice.

The board also heard from Steven Alves, who requested to construct a dwelling on a parcel of land on Mattapoisett Road, but needed a variance from lot dimension requirements due to the nonconforming shape of the property. The land was originally two lots that were combined. The Board voted in favor of Mr. Alves.

The Board also approved a variance from setback requirements for Gregory Bednarczyk, who is planning to build a deck in his back yard over his existing patio.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 8 at 7:00 pm at the Rochester Town Hall.

By Eric Tripoli

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