Rochester Opens Storm Shelter

Due to the incoming storm, the Rochester Senior Center at 76 Dexter Lane has been opened as a shelter and warming station. If you need to utilize shelter services and need assistance please call 508-763-8723.

If you need to go to the shelter please bring essential items including a blanket, pillow and any medications you may need. Unfortunately at this time the shelter  is not able to accommodate pets.

We are anticipating significant and prolonged power outages. We ask that if you experience a NON- EMERGENCY power outage that you call NSTAR customer service direct at 1-800-592-2000. If you experience a power outage that is urgent in nature such as wires down or need power for medical reasons to sustain life, please call 911.

The Governor has declared a state a state of emergency and has banned travel on the roads as of 4pm.

We ask that you please adhere to the Governors request and if you have an emergency, call 911. If you should need any other public safety assistance call the Rochester Police Department at 508-763-5112.

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