Residents Responsible for Debris From Storm

Rochester Town Administrator Richard LaCamera advised residents Monday that the town is not responsible for debris such as broken trees and limbs from the recent snowstorm, and that they must deal with the debris themselves.

“We’re not going to be picking up their trees and their branches,” said LaCamera.  “We just can’t handle that type of volume.”

LaCamera noted that burning season runs through May 1, and residents can to go to the Police Station to obtain burning permits. He also said that the Mattapoisett landfill will take branches and trees but at a cost.

LaCamera also said that street cleaning that would normally start in early spring would now be delayed until end of April or the start of May due to an overload of work for the Highway Department from the storm.

“These next few months are going to be extremely difficult for the Highway Department,” said LaCamera.  “It’s going to take the Highway Department another few months for the 44 miles of road within the town.”

In other news, Selectmen said that the 2nd phase of town hall project has been put out to bid, and that they are expecting the bids to come back soon.

Selectman Richard Nunes also said that they (the board) had sent an email to the Rochester Superintendent’s office regarding repairs at the Rochester Memorial School, but they have not yet heard back.

“As of yet there hasn’t been any response, but he’s not due to respond yet anyways,” said Nunes.

By Nick Walecka

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