Recycling Facility Moves Forward

A site review has been planned for April 2 on a property owned by Shawmut Associates, LLC of 1245 Cranberry Highway, on which construction of a recycling and processing facility for municipal solid waste and other materials is scheduled to take place. The plan is to expand the pre-existing structure, and the facility would be the first of its kind in Massachusetts, according to testimony at the Rochester Conservation Commission meeting on Tuesday night.

The Commission also approved a request for a Certificate of Compliance for Steven Grenier on his property at 57 Old Schoolhouse Road. The applicant submitted the request because he was issued an Order of Conditions for work that was done by the previous owner on the garage and breezeway in 2001.

“We’ve been contacting that particular owner to let them know that there was a lien on the property,” said Laurell Farinon, the town’s Conservation Agent. She said that she had visited the property and that “everything looked great.”

In other news, Commissioner John Teal’s term has expired, but the Commission nominated him to return for another term, and he will serve another. Farinon said that she would send a letter to the Board of Selectmen announcing the decision.

Finally, Rosemary Smith of the Commission added that the town of Rochester and the Commission could utilize a free workshop from the Massachusetts Audubon Society. According to Smith, the workshops discuss things like protecting water resources, saving money and promoting agriculture. She said that they have assisted various towns with community preservation and open space plans.

“It seems like it’s a great asset that we could bring here,” Smith said. “We could have it be an open town meeting, or we could include other commissions. I’d like you guys to think about it and see if there are things you’d like.”

By Nick Walecka

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