Ready for Prime Time?

What is the Conservation Commission and what do they do?

Well, they protect our waterways and strive to keep human impact on wetlands, critters, and other wildlife in check.

A discussion was held regarding televising the Conservation Commission meetings. Member Steve Gonsalves, along with member Norm Hills, spoke and said that most other town meetings are televised.

Members said that perhaps certain vital issues, such as the environmental issue with the 40B project, would have made for informative broadcasts. The board discussed the issue, with the majority favoring televising the meetings.

Two back-to-back agenda items dominated the discussion at Wednesday’s Marion Conservation Commission meeting. At issue was the definition and delineation of an “intermittent stream.” The two properties, which abut the stream in question, are located at 456, 468, and 470 Point Rd.

The first, Blankenship Trust LLC at 468 and 470 Point Road, had a Request for Determination of Applicability to confirm that the stream running through the property in a northerly-southerly direction meets the definition of an intermittent stream.

Dave Davignon, of Schneider & Associates represented the applicant and provided maps and details of the area. The board wanted to revisit the site to determine the culvert and locate the stream in question.

Next up was a Request for Determination of Applicability for general maintenance of the pier and seawalls at 29 Water St. Work includes replacing stones that have fallen out of the abutments, grouting, and replacing rotted railings, decking, and timbers as needed.

Ken Michaels, of KM Building and Remolding Inc., represented the applicant and answered questions from the committee. “All work will be done at low tide and from the land,” Michaels said.

An approval was given to Hammett’s Cove Homeowners’ Association at Blackhall Court for a Request for Determination of Applicability after repaving the asphalt entrance driveway, sealcoating the cul-de-sac, and regrading the bluestone common driveways.

Also discussed, but delayed approval, was a request by Christopher Kmiec of 14 Aucoot Ave. to relocate a pile of large rocks. Mr. Kmiec, represented by Susan Nielson and Daniel Gagne of CLEngineering, proposed placing in a row a minimum of 15 feet from the bordering vegetated wetland line, and landward of an existing stone and masonry wall running near the line. The commission discussed the matter and wanted to revisit the area due to the thought that the realignment of the large stones might cause beach erosion to the beach area on have an impact on neighbor’s property.

Lastly, the board approved a Certificate of Compliance to the Kittansett Club for temporarily stockpiling fill materials along the landward side of a coastal bank at the driving range.

Minutes of the October 9 and 23 were approved. The next meeting of the Conservation Commission is scheduled for December 11.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry



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