Projects Aplenty

Engineers Susan Nilson of CLE and Dave Davignon of Schneider and Associates could have been appointed honorary members during Wednesday night’s Marion Conservation Commission meeting, each spending significant time at the table representing multiple applicants.

And each got what they came for.

Nilson’s clients – Jonathan Howland of Lot 19 Point Road and John Kelly of the Kittansett Club – were approved for Notices of Intent, while the Commission issued Requests for Determination of Applicability to Barbara Belanger of 776 Mill St. and Kathleen Mahoney of 40 Dexter Rd.

Howland seeks to cut an access walking path, replicate wetlands, and construct a pile-supported pier with a floating dock at Planting Island Cove. While Nilson told the Conservation Commission that the opinion of the Marine Fisheries included concerns about the arsenic and copper contained in the chemically treated wood of the submerged pilings, all parties agreed that there are few existing alternatives available for use – and none suggested in the opinion.

In addition, the Marine Fisheries asked if alterations could be made to the height of the walkway and size of the stairs so as not to impact the saltmarsh.

“This is an issue of regulation versus recommendation,” said Nilson, explaining that the Marine Fisheries wishes could conflict with Chapter 91 requirements. “In my mind, it could end up being a tradeoff.”

The Commission gave the project the go-ahead, with conditions, as they did with the Kittansett Club’s plan to construct a collection system for fresh water drainage to be used as irrigation water, and to replace the irrigation system for the golf course. Work on the massive project could begin in July, with a targeted completion by Christmas, according to Kelly.

Belanger seeks to upgrade the sewage disposal system at 776 Mill St. – a property that she is selling – to Title 5 standards, including the installation of a septic tank, pump chamber, and leaching field. Davignon faced a series of questions from Commission members, who ultimately approved the RDA with conditions.

Mahoney, meanwhile, seeks to demolish the dwelling on Dexter Road and construct a new dwelling and driveway. In addition, she applied for a Notice of Intent to construct a 4-foot-by-133-foot timber boardwalk and pier, plus gangway and float supported by four pilings. With some restrictions, the Commission approved both after a continuation from the May 8 meeting.

Elsewhere on the agenda, Dorothy Brown applied for and received a Notice of Intent to update the steps to 7 Shawnondasse Road, along with installation of a drainage system and trench drain.

The Conservation Commission’s next scheduled meeting is June 12.

By Shawn Badgley

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