Prioritization Vote Is In

It was like waiting for the election results as the Capital Planning Committee for Mattapoisett cast their votes to prioritize proposed expenditures. After weeks of meeting with department heads, engaging them in dialog about their 2015 and beyond needs, and hammering out the details behind the requests, the committee members cast their votes and gave each 2015 request a numbered position.

Sitting in the number one position is the fire department’s $15,000 request for Engine 4 repairs, followed by: (2) police utility vehicle – $35,000; (3) library window repairs – $7,000; (4) fire department Engine 2 refurbishment – $125,000; (5) new ambulance – $200,000; (6) local school combined computer infrastructure upgrades – $49,000; (7) local schools technology upgrades – $30,000; (8) Hammond Street parking – $18,500; (9) local schools playground repairs – $21,000; (10) beach raft repairs – $10,000; (11) town hall office equipment – $13,400; (12) road sign project – $22,000; (13) highway department building repairs – $40,000; (14) library generator – $50,000; (15) fire department station vehicle – $36,000; (16) highway department utility vehicle – $50,000; (17) new math curriculum – $49,000; and (18) new police cruiser – $32,500.

On Tuesday, April 8, the list will be presented to the Board of Selectmen. The following evening, the Finance Committee will take on the task of fine-tuning this list and putting the finishing touches on the exact dollar amounts voters will be asked to approve at the spring town meeting.

Of those items that may not make the cut during town meeting, the Finance Committee can bring them back if funds become available and present them at the fall town meeting for voters’ consideration, said Chairman Chuck McCullough.

Enterprise businesses such as the water and sewer departments will be reviewed independently from other departmental requests. The water department requests are: #2 well refurbishment phase 2 – $1,400,000; Marion Road water main rehabilitation – $315,000; new water meters – $250,000; and partial payment for new truck – $17,500. The sewer department is requesting: grinder pump repair – $30,000; additional sewer capacity from Fairhaven – $250,000; 50% towards a new truck – $17,500; and North Street up to and including Industrial Drive sewer tie-in – $2,600,000.

“This is the longest list we’ve ever had…”stated McCullough. And their work isn’t done. He said that in a couple of weeks the committee will begin defining the ten-year capital planning spreadsheets.


By Marilou Newell


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