Pier Into Sippican Harbor in Review

A pier jutting out into Sippican Harbor was discussed at Wednesday’s Marion Conservation Commission meeting at the Town House. The application, from Nancy and Gregory Johnson, was to extend an existing timber pile-supported residential pier from 134 feet to 165 feet, and to relocate a gangway and a 12-by-12-foot float. Gregory Johnson rows as a hobby and asked the board for easier access to deeper water.

Commission member Lawrence Dorman asked about the need for channel markers in the harbor, seeing the length and breath of the extension into the harbor. The project is located at 406 Point Road. All existing pilings will be pulled out, except for one, where an osprey nest exists.

Elsewhere on the agenda was a request on a Determination of Applicability for the Kittansett Club to continue to use the existing stockpile area in the southeast corner of the driving range as a burn area and a storage site for materials, including dredged materials from “The Haven.” The project is located at 11 Point Road.

Lastly, the board heard from Robert Cattel, head of the Hammett’s Cove Homeowners Association, who came before the board to get the OK to repave the entrance of Blackhall Court up to, but not including, the cul-de-sac, and adding gravel to rutted driveways. The board decided to take the matter under consideration and adjourned the meeting.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry


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