On-Site Inspectors to be Proposed

Highway Supervisor Barry Denham and Water and Sewer Superintendent Nick Nicholson came before the Planning Board to state their case for an important aspect of infrastructure work: on-site inspectors. Both Denham and Nicholson said that during the course of their busy work day, over capacity in ensuring that sewer, drainage system, and similar construction was being completed per plan and per the Planning Board’s rules and regulations. Denham appealed to the board that they mandate the hiring of on-site inspectors at the expense of the developers and contractors, commonly referred to as “peer review.” Presently, the board’s rules and regulations require peer review for site plans, but not for on-site inspections.

Denham and Nicholson noted several residential developments where roadwork and drainage has been especially problematic. Denham talked about roadwork that was inferior and failing at the Brandt Island project. Nicholson said there were two things an on-site inspector could do for the town: control and watch that development was moving forward per documented plans and ensure that the town receives “as built” plans. He said that too often the town did not receive the “as built” plans in spite of that requirement being part of the rules and regulations.

The board concurred with their request and asked that they draft some language that will extend the peer review requirement to include on-site inspection. These changes will then be put before the public in a hearing for discussion and consensus. Denham and Nicholson will return to the next regular meeting of the Planning Board with their draft.

The board members then launched into their ongoing work of improving the language in bylaws. They moved on to tackling “Screening,” “Trailers,” and “Common Driveways.” Screening language will be added to improve the understanding that business owners will be held responsible for providing a barrier between their property and abutting residential parcels to inhibit the unsightliness of trash receptacles, noise, fumes, and similar nuisances. Changes to the section on Trailers will define motor homes, mobile homes, campers, and trailers. And in the bylaws governing Common Driveways, text will be added to mandate a 25-foot apron, maintenance agreements, and turn-around capability for first responder equipment.

The next meeting of the Planning Board is scheduled for December 2 at 7:00 pm.

By Marilou Newell


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