Officials Run the Numbers

A mixup in the 2013-14 Blue Book provided to Rochester town residents has led to several calls intended for the Animal Control Office to end up at a residence instead.

Representatives of the League of Women Voters, who put the Blue Book together, were on hand at the meeting, and apologized for the mistake. Officials noted that the number should be 508-763-5112.

Fire Chief Scott Weigel was also on hand at the meeting to discuss several financial issues that the department faces in the future, though members of the Finance Committee who were expected to be on hand at the meeting were not present.

According to Weigel and Town Administrator Richard LaCamera, the current generator at the department is “out of commission,” and that it would take about $3,500 to repair the 25-year-old generator. Weigel requested $14,900 for a new generator.

“This is an absolute necessity,” said LaCamera. “We have to have this. I apologize to you Scott for [the Finance Committee] not having been here.”

The Board made a decision to requests the Finance Committee’s attendance at the next Selectmen’s meeting later this month.

Weigel also said that their current ladder truck is “failing quickly,” and that they’ve recently looked at ladder truck from Boston to replace it at a cost of around $75,000.

“Our older unit is a 1972, and the estimated repair is about $35,000, said Weigel. “I wanted to make [the Finance Committee] aware of what we have and what we’re looking into. It’s just a much safer truck than what we’re working with now.”

He added that the Boston Fire Department was holding the truck for them until they could make a decision on the potential purchase.

By Nick Walecka

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