Officials Consider Variances

Marion’s Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, held on Thursday, involved two appeals. The first, from Robert and Phyllis Partridge of 60 Converse Rd., involved extending an existing non-conforming structure, which would be even larger than town bylaws permit. The committee agreed to take the request under advisement.

Next up was a request by Kerry and Ashling Gowell, of 80 Front St., for a special permit to allow the reconstruction, extension, alteration, or change to a non-conforming single family structure.

The owners plan to extend and renovate an existing 1,100-square-foot building, with a shed. All four sides of the setbacks are non-conforming. The couple plans to add a second floor to the shed, add a front porch to the home. The shed, proposed to become a home office. The height will be more than 24 feet. The applicant plans to add plumbing to the shed. The board closed the hearing and has 90 days to make a decision.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry


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