Numbers are Close in Marion Election

There were no landslide wins for any of the Marion candidates, for the most part – with the exception of one of the School Committee candidates who took a strong lead, leaving just one single vote difference between the other two candidates.

The now former School Committee member Michelle Oullette will be filing for a recount on Monday, May 19, after losing to other incumbent Christine Winters by one single vote.

Winters received 480 votes, and Oullette received 479.

The big winner was newcomer Kate Ellen Houdelette, with 593 votes, a significant 113-point lead over the other contenders.

The moment after the numbers were called out, Oullette let out a celebratory scream for Houdelette, despite learning that she lost her seat.

“I’m excited for her. I think it’s great,” said Oullette. “I’m very excited she got in because she’s gonna do a great job.”

Houdelette rallied with her family members and hugged her young daughters, appearing surprised by the results.

“I have a vested interest in the school,” said Houdelette holding onto her school-aged daughters. She said she cannot wait to begin work as a School Committee member and with her background, especially in finance, she said she thinks she will contribute greatly to the committee’s work.

Incumbant Selectman Stephen Cushing will keep his seat on the Board of Selectmen, beating opponent William Dale Jones in a 473 – 397 win.

When asked if he was ever worried during the days leading up to the election, Cushing replied, “You have to always be worried. The voters can be very fickle.”

Cushing said it is often difficult to gauge how voters will decide.

“A lot of people keep their feelings close to their chest,” said Cushing. “I’m obviously happy with the results.”

William Dale Jones was not present at the polling station for comment.

The Planning Board will feature three new faces, after three of the contenders beat incumbent Edwin “Ted” North, coming in last at 425 votes.

Robert Lane came out on top with 635 votes, Michael Popitz got 518 votes, and Eileen Marum received 513.

“Not bad,” said Marum, “considering I’ve only been in Town for three years.” She continued, “I am very pleased with the outcome, and I’m looking forward to serving.” She also thanked her supporters for their dedication.

Another Planning Board winner, Robert Lane, was somewhere on the VFW premises, but nowhere to be found, laughed his wife Linda Lane.

When asked why her husband was elected, she responded, “Because he’s the best!”

More seriously, she stated, “I really think that he was extremely well-qualified, and he loves this Town.”

Here are the results for the uncontested races:

Town Clerk: Ray Pickles – 744

Assessor: Catherine Gibbs – 760

Moderator: David Titus – 763

Board of Health: Elizabeth Dunn – 755

Old Rochester Regional School Committee: Paul Goulet, Jr. – 696

Open Spaces Committee: Joseph Keogh, Jeffrey Oakes – 627, 624

There were no candidates on the ballot for tree warden, so a write-in winner will be announced on Monday, May 19.

By Jean Perry



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