New Plans for Deer Woods

 Developer David Nicolosi was back before the Mattapoisett Planning Board on Monday night to continue discussing his plan for a new subdivision in town.

The proposal is for an eight-home development off Deerfield Road to be named Deer Woods.  A portion of the road would be expanded and a common driveway will be laid down for five of the homes.  A large centralized portion of open land has been issued a conservation restriction, prohibiting development of that area of the subdivision.

The hearing was continued from the meeting on December 3 so the town could arrange for a peer review study of the proposal.

Nicolosi said that since the last meeting, he received a message from Mary Lyons, Chief of Mattapoisett Police Department.  She wrote that she had no issues with the proposed plan and found the project acceptable.

But Nicolosi said he did not leave the last meeting with confidence he had the support of the Board and wanted to present some new options for the development.

“When I had originally purchased this property, my initial intent was to try to develop it for my own personal use, but that never happened.  In light of that, I decided I would try to make a project I felt would have minimal impact, that would be looked upon favorably by the Board,” Nicolosi said.

He said that his potential buyers were interested in larger lots with greater space between properties.

“When I made my initial presentation to you, there were some issues,” Nicolosi said, citing potential issues with parking and fire safety concerns.

He said he contacted his engineering firm to try to address the issues in a productive way.  As a result, he had a couple newer preliminary plans that take into account the problems raised by the Planning Board two weeks ago.

 “My intentions would be to eliminate the driveway so there will be no issues for parking.  I’m going to be providing emergency egress out through Nicky’s Lane.”

His second idea, for which he had no written plan, would split two lots, and Nicolosi would renovate an existing ancient way, but would not turn it into a road.

 “I wouldn’t be requesting any consideration that hasn’t already been granted,” he said.  “I’d be willing to improve this ancient way to increase mobility.”

The roadway would be reduced by 50% from the original plan and would not require any special storm water drainage systems.

“I think that’s a great compromise,” said Chairman Thomas Tucker.

Board Member John Mathieu was not as supportive.

“Nicky’s Lane is only 15 feet wide and you want to add four houses?” Mathieu said.  “I can’t sit here if that comes through this Board.”

He felt the original plan was more workable and agreeable than the new alternatives Nicolosi presented. Nicolosi has not yet withdrawn his original proposal in case the Board was amenable to the newer options he presented.

“I think you jumped the gun here in bringing these to us,” Mathieu said.

Nicolosi said he was concerned about comments made by the Board at the last public hearing and that the project had potential to be a financial hardship..  He also said that if either of the new plans were implemented, his out-of-pocket cost would increase.  A traffic study, which the Board could require, costs about $7,000, according to Nicolosi, and would not be justified for a subdivision consisting of so few homes.

 “In terms of development, I agree with John.  It’s a good development and we want to make sure we’re comfortable with it.  That’s why we’re here tonight discussing it,” said Planning Board member Ron Merlo.

Nicolosi then requested a continuance for the hearing so that he may consult further with his engineering company on their options.  He did not request a specific date for the continuance.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Planning Board will be on Monday, January 7, 2013 at 7:00 pm.

By Eric Tripoli

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