New Kayak Launch Proposed for River’s Edge

A small dock or pier to launch kayaks and other small watercraft at River’s Edge was proposed to the Marion Conservation Commission meeting on Wednesday evening.

A resident said he came to the meeting to find out if it would be possible to create a dock or pier in the wetland area to gain access to the water from the development and asked if the old footings might be grandfathered and thereby possibly rebuilt.

Committee member Lawrence Dorman suggested that he check the assessors’ map to explore the ownership of the land where the firm land leads down to marsh and to the water. It was unclear if the land was open space, town-owned, or commonly owned by the River’s Edge Lands Trust. The resident said he would look into the land ownership question.

In other business, Ed Gless of Existing Grade LLC presented revised plans for the Marion Lands Trust on Lot 29 Front Street for a Notice of Intent to install a stormceptor discharge pipe to the buffer zone of a bordering vegetated wetland.

The land is adjacent to the 40B project on Route 105. The main issue discussed was the change in the size of the parking lot from 3200 square feet to 7500 square feet and the rain runoff generated by the larger lot. The piping of the stormceptor will run under the parking lot. A stormceptor can hold up to 450 gallons of water and has a centrifugal force spin mechanism which cleans and separates up to 80 to 90 percent of suspended solids, oil, and grease prior to the water running into the wetland area. The unit would be cleaned twice a year and after a storm. The committee closed the public hearing.

The committee also welcomed new committee member Jeff Doubrava. The committee is seeking to fill the position of Associate Member. To volunteer or learn more about the position, contact Diane Drake at the Marion Town House.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry


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