New Commercial Construction Approved

The Rochester Planning Board approved a site plan, a request for a special permit and the waiver of a peer review for the construction of a 24-by-24-foot building for Robert and Ruth Sundby for a future business involving creation of custom flower arrangements and custom-made picture frames.

Kevin Forgue from G.A.F. Engineering represented the couple at the meeting, and he said that he thought the project would be a fairly easy undertaking. The proposed structure would be built on the property that they currently reside on and would be freestanding from their home.

“We felt the project was simple enough that it did not require peer review,” Forgue said.

He added that the abutters of the property had already been notified, and that three standard parking spaces, one handicapped space, a handicapped ramp, and a porch would be included in the construction.

Site grading is the only other part of the project that is projected to take place. Forgue said that there is a natural depression that would drain water from the site and that it would not infringe onto other properties.

“I didn’t have any trouble with it,” said Board member Susan Teal. “I thought it was a reasonable proposal.”

Town Planner John Charbonneau said that if they were to hire someone outside of the residence, they would have to add a bathroom to the structure, and that “any amendments to this plan would have to come back to the Planning Board.”

The next meeting will take place April 23.

By Nick Walecka

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