Marion Habitat House Ready to Build

A comprehensive permit to build a Habitat for Humanity home at 185 Wareham Street in Marion was approved by the Marion Zoning Board of Appeals on Thursday evening.

Habitat representatives Jack Beck and George McTurk applauded the decision, which will be reviewed by town counsel, Jon Witten, for a review of the wording of the Purchase and Sale Agreement before the final approval.

McTurk and Beck asked about when they could break ground on the home and were told that there was a fourteen day processing period and a twenty day appeal period, but after that, a foundation could be built.

ZBA account manager Anne Marie Tobia joked about an old town saying that there was no law against “digging a hole in your backyard”.  After much applause and laughter, Beck and McTurk told the board they were thankful for their support in their effort.

The collaborative effort included community involvement with architect Will Saltonstall donating his services and a local family donating a solar roof panel system, which will reduce the family electricity bill by approximately 30%.

Next on the agenda was a request for a special permit by William and Susan Heron under the zoning by-law to allow reconstruction, extension, alteration or change to a non-conforming single family structure on Aucoot Cove.

“The house isn’t square with the lot,” said Bill Heron.  “We plan to take the deck off and put it in the yard, make the renovations and put the deck back on,” said Heron.

Board member Betsy Dunn asked about the land to house percentage and the applicant responded that, after the proposed changes to the house, that 26 percent of the lot would be occupied by the home.

The issue in question was the sewage pump, which needs to be relocated.  The Heron family had seven letters from abutters agreeing to the proposed changes.

The ZBA agreed to take the proposal under advisement and report back to the applicants within ninety days, but probably sooner, according to Chairman Eric Pierce.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry

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