Marion Habitat House Discussed

Buzzards Bay Habitat for Humanity representatives Jack Beck and George McTurk came before the Marion Zoning Board of Appeals to ask what paperwork has to be completed before a comprehensive permit is issued to build a house at 185 Wareham Road in Marion.

The effort has been ongoing for over five years, being complicated by wetlands located in the front of the lot, setback issues and a rear lot, which is surrounded by town owned land.  The lot is also in a flood zone.

Because the lot is in the rear, it did not have the required frontage required by the by-laws.  Habitat is seeking waivers from the ZBA for frontage, side setbacks and an easement for a driveway to access the home.   Both sides of the lot are non-conforming.

The town of Marion approved a building lot of 15,000 square feet at town meeting several years ago.  The proposed home will have three bedrooms and a yard for children to play.

“We are here to ask exactly what you need to help issue a comprehensive permit,” asked Beck. “We are asking for guidance in exactly what needs to be done to move the project forward, so we can get a building permit.”

McTurk and architect, Will Saltonstall addressed the board.

There was an existing house on the lot, which was demolished a month ago.

Board member Tom Cooper asked about the positioning of the house on the lot.

“We have a donor who wants to contribute a solar panel roof, and with a minimal amount of tree removal, we placed the home where there would be few trees removed and yet a maximum solar position,” said Saltonstall.

In other business, the board heard plans submitted by John Van Voorhis and Susan Davies regarding a renovation at 6 Cottage Street.  John Ferreira and Peter Turowski of T2 Architecture represented the applicant.

At issue are setbacks to the front and rear of the property.  Plans include removing an existing addition and replacing it with another on the same footprint.  The board took the request and plans under advisement and will make a decision within the next two weeks.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry

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