Maria Cananzey to Retire

The Mattappoisett Zoning Board of Appeals extended their thanks Thursday night to Building Commissioner administrative assistant Maria Cananzey, who is retiring from her position after 23 years.

“It was one of the best decisions I made, hiring this individual over 20 years ago,” said Code Enforcement Officer Andrew Bobola.  “She’s always gone above and beyond what is needed in this department.  She’s handled herself professionally for 23 years.  She’s been a very good friend and she’ll be sorely missed.”

Following her official retirement at the end of the month Cananzey will be moving permanently to Florida.

“I’ll miss everyone.  You’ve been so great,” she said.

In other business, the ZBA held a public hearing for Matthew Michaud of 3 Driscoll Lane, who is seeking a special permit to allow the pre-existing use of a second dwelling on the property.

“There’s an existing structure over the garage and someone’s been living there since I purchased it,” said Michaud.  He has been renting out the property since he bought the home a few years ago but was unaware that there was no permit allowing for the space to be used as a dwelling.

According to Code Enforcement Officer Andrew Bobola, the history of the building showed that there had been someone living there for quite some time.  An anonymous complaint led Bobola to discover that there was a tenant in the apartment over the garage.  Bobola then brought the issue to Michaud’s attention.

Several abutters turned out in support of the petition, citing no complaints with the living situation.  The Zoning Board of Appeals then unanimously approved the special permit.

Then, the ZBA heard from Dan and Daneen Eilersten who are seeking a special permit allowing a family-related apartment at a dwelling at 20 Water Street.

“We’re in the process of renovating.  When my father retired, they sold their home, they go to Florida about three months a year,” said Mrs. Eilersten.  The apartment would be used by her parents for nine months out of the year and would allow for the family to better care for them.

ZBA member Norman Lyonnais questioned the parking situation but Bobola vouched that there was adequate off-street parking for the proposed situation.

The Board then voted in favor of the project.

The ZBA then held a hearing for Robert Townsend, regarding his application for a special permit to construct an addition and stairs to a dwelling at 11 Channel Street.  The proposed changes would not meet setback requirements.

“We want to help give them a better means of egress as well as improve the bathroom a little bit,” said engineer Christian McCullough on behalf of Townsend.  “Right now there is a little well in the back of the house so the existing house is already encroaching [on setback requirements],” he said.

“This is about forty square feet of footprint change. It’s really minimal,” said Bobola when Lyonnais asked about the percentage of change in size.  “I think it’s a nice improvement to the property.”

The ZBA saw no conflict with the project and unanimously voted in favor of the plan.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Zoning Board of Appeals will be on Thursday, December 20, 2012, at 6:00 pm at the Town Hall.

By Eric Tripoli

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