Light Agenda, Valuable Decisions

The Conservation Commission’s schedule was extraordinarily limited, but one meeting carried great importance for the residents of Mattapoisett.

Buzzard’s Bay Coalition’s Allen Decker once again was before the commission seeking its approval for a completed grant application and letter to the state for 16.5 acres the coalition is securing and, will ultimately be owned by the town’s Conservation Commission. The 2010 Fall Town Meeting approved the purchase of the land with the caveat that the price tag associated with the property would be funded from grants and other sources outside the town’s budget.

Decker said, “As you can imagine, funding for conservation from the state is very competitive … but critical to protect the aquifer.” He was seeking the commission’s approval to submit the completed grant application and letter, both of which are required to be signed by the Board of Selectmen this week. Decker has a meeting scheduled on the Board of Selectmen’s agenda for April 25. This grant is seeking $240,000 to help with the $750,000 land purchase from Decas Cranberry Corporation.

Decker detailed the land as a prime location along the river, which will be conserved for public passive recreational activities. He said that the property will not and should not be developed for more public access than it currently supports. He envisions swimming, fishing, and kayaking to be the type of activity the area could successfully accommodate. He also expressed that the commission should plan on putting use restrictions in place to ensure the uncorrupted watershed area would remain as is.

Chair Peter Newton along with commission members Tom Copps and Michael King approved Decker’s request.

A hearing with applicant Kate Marmelo was also heard. She was requesting approval for an in-ground swimming pool. This was approved with several considerations, including hay bales that will be used where necessary to protect limited wetlands contiguous to the property line during dewatering operation associated with the construction.

Two scheduled hearings were continued: one with D & B Construction regarding an after the fact notice of intent for an existing detached shed and outdoor shower located partially with bordering vegetated wetlands.

The other continuance is with David Nicolosi for property off of Fairhaven Road, Lots #33, 34, and 42B for a crossing over wetlands and an intermittent stream.

Conservation Agent Elizabeth Leidhold gave her report, which included notice of the April 25 Open Space public meeting taking place at Old Hammondtown School at 7:00 pm.

After reviewing and approving the previous meeting’s minutes, the commission adjourned for the night.

By Marilou Newell

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