Lengthy Hearing Closes for Shawmut

The Conservation Commission approved a Notice of Intent regarding the construction of an enclosed recycling facility by Shawmut Associates LLC for property at 50 Cranberry Hwy. in Rochester, ending the ongoing public hearing for the site changes.

Several changes were approved, including storm water control upgrades, a new driveway from Cranberry Hwy., the installation of a new Title 5-compliant septic system, and the installation of a rooftop solar array, among others.

On hand Tuesday were representatives of Green Seal Environmental, who is responsible for all the private planning and construction at the site.

“They’re a very environmentally friendly company,” said Laurene Gerrior of the Commission.

Conservation Agent Laurell Farinon has been working with Green Seal for the duration of the planning phase to make sure that everything on the site is up to standard.

“It sounds like you’ve already worked a lot of things out,” said Rosemary Smith, Chairman of the Commission.

Farinon suggested that the Commission approve the changes proposed by Green Seal, which they eventually did.

“It’s a complicated project, but at this point it would be my recommendation to close the public hearing and to issue a positive Order of Conditions,” she said. “All work shall be completed in according to submitted site plans.”

The representatives of Green Seal applauded the work of Farinon and the Commission for everything they’ve done on the project, which was very complicated due to size and wetland restrictions on the property.

“We just want to commend Laurell and everyone for all the work they’ve done on this project,” said Peter Flood, the project manager for Green Seal.

The Conservation Commission “is a great group here. We promise to do everything in our power to make the town proud,” said Mike Camara from ABC Disposal, which is a subsidiary of Shawmut Associates.

In other news, the heat of summer is quickly approaching, and people are putting in pools in Rochester.

The Commission approved a Request for Determination of Applicability for Edward and Danielle Riggs of 253 County Road. The proposed aboveground pool is situated within the 100-foot buffer zone to wetlands at the rear of the property, but Commission officials approved the changes.

“It’s a pretty clear-cut, open area and can be done without any adverse impacts to the area,” Farinon said.

The other proposed aboveground is for Scott Ferreira and Cristina De Arede of 21 Bishop Road, who filed a Notice of Intent because their structure would also be within the 100-foot buffer zone to wetlands on the property. Their Notice of Intent was approved.

Lastly, the Commission also approved a Notice of Intent for Coventa Company of SEMASS LLC, 141 Cranberry Hwy., Wareham. Several changes to the property were approved, including the addition of a rail spur to the existing train tracks that border the property, as well as grading to a proposed gravel parking lot on the site, and repairs to a damaged culvert, which already exists on the property, among other proposed changes.

“They’ve had to chase some issues back there [on the rear portion of the property],” said Farinon. “I think [the repairs to the culvert] are going to be a big help. I think that the culvert is a good project. All the changes are included in the revised site plan. It would be my recommendation that we issue a positive Order of Conditions with the stipulation that a Conservation Committee meeting be held with the property owner and engineers and sub contractors, if there are any.”

By Nick Walecka

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