Hearing Continued for New Subdivision

The Mattapoisett Planning Board and Project Manager David Nicolosi held an informal discussion for a potential subdivision on Deerfield Road off of Route 6.  The discussion was held at the Board’s regular meeting on Monday, November 5.

A public hearing for the subdivision was scheduled for November 5, however a misprint in the published legal notice pushed the hearing back to December 3.

The proposed subdivision would be located on a wetland off Deerfield Road near the Mattapoisett-Fairhaven line.  The neighborhood would have five single-family residences on approximately four acres each.

“This is a preliminary plan,” said Nicolosi.  “I envision this being a high end subdivision.”

Because of the proximity to the wetlands, there has to be an equal ratio of untouched conservation area and developed area.  For the 24-acre proposed subdivision, 12 acres will be developed and 12 acres will be conservation restricted. There is a high concentration of Box Turtles in the wetlands, which is an endangered species.

“It’s a state law,” said Nicolosi of the conservation restricted acreage.

The Planning Board recommended that Nicolosi organize a traffic study for the proposed development to see how it will affect Route 6 traffic flow.  They also advised him to change the road in the development to a roundabout as opposed to a hammerhead design that it is now on the plans in order to better serve any emergency vehicles that may come to the development.

Nicolosi will present the new plans on December 3 to the public.

In other news, the Board unanimously approved the dimensions of a plot of land for a single-family house on Aucoot Road.  The land is located at 124 Aucoot Rd., which is the Indian Cove Boat Yard.  The house would be one of three to be constructed in the development;  the other two properties are located in  Marion.

The lot in Mattapoisett is 1.06 acres and has 156.37 ft of frontage.

The Mattapoisett Planning Board will meet again on Monday, November 19 at 7:00 pm in Town Hall.

By Katy Fitzpatrick


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