Frontage Changed for Cell Tower Lot

There were no public hearings on the agenda for the Mattapoisett Planning Board at their regular meeting on Monday, October 15, but they did review and sign some site plan maps for the proposed cell tower to be built off Jane Lane.  The new maps serve to subdivide the area and adjust the amount of frontage required to use the lot for the tower.

 “All this does is clean up the lot’s frontage.  It does nothing else, it approves nothing else,” said Planning Board member John Mathieu.

The cell tower plan is still in the works, but the Planning Board cannot grant the required special permit because the location of the tower is outside the designated corridor next to Route 195.  Since the tower is proposed for a residential area, the decision is up to the Zoning Board of Appeals.  At the last Planning Board meeting, the engineers of the project requested an indefinite continuance, which the Board granted.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Planning Board will be on Monday, November 5, 2012, at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.

By Eric Tripoli

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