Front Street Garage Improvement Discussed

The addition of a third garage, which encompasses a proposed 30-by-36-foot addition that does not meet the side-yard setback requirements was discussed at the Marion Zoning Board of Appeals’ Thursday evening meeting. The property is located at 407 Front Street in Marion. Currently, the property has two garages and the applicants want three garages, with a bedroom above the additional third garage bay. There was no input from abutters, who were notified of the proposed change on the property.

Charles Blanchettte requested a Special Permit under section 6.1.3 of the zoning bylaw to allow the reconstruction, extension, alteration, or change to a nonconforming single family structure.

Anthi Frangiadis, of Anthi Frangiadis Associates, represented the applicant. Frangiadis provided a plan of the existing property and the proposed changes.

John Silvia, sitting in for Chairman Eric Peirce, asked about the comments received from the town assessors regarding the two lots on which the property sits.

“The assessors recommended that the two lots be combined, officially,” Silvia said.

Silvia noted that the Marion Board of Health and Conservation Commission had no comment on the ZBA request due to the lack of notification to them regarding health and conservation issue on the property.

The applicants were silent on the issue of combining the two lots into one. ZBA member Tom Cooper asked about a second method of egress from the bedroom above the proposed garage bedroom. “We will have an egress ladder,” Frangiadis said. Board member Cooper wanted to discuss the matter with the Marion fire chief.

The board closed the hearing and told the applicants that members had 90 days to come to a decision, but that a decision would be forthcoming ahead of that time.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry


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