Flood and Solar Dominate Meeting

A full Marion Planning Board came together to discuss various issues, including the new National Flood Insurance Plan maps and the Solar Bylaw issues that will be brought to the public at the fall town meeting to be held on Monday, October 28.

In regard to the Flood issue, Building Inspector Scott Shippey sent a memo noting that “changes are minor for the town in general, however, Planting Island residents are seeing a revision in the flood program requirements.” The Shippey letter noted that any Marion resident who was impacted by the new flood laws was contacted in writing.

The board agreed and voted upon the new FEMA requirement, because without the town accepting the new requirements, it would be without federal assistance in the event of a major flood in the town.

“There is very little choice here,” said board member Steve Gonsalves, before voting to accept the changes.

Next up was a discussion regarding the proposed Solar Bylaw, with both the Planning Board and the Marion Energy Management Committee discussing the issue.

The Marion Energy Management Committee, led by Jennifer Francis and Bill Saltonstall, presented a handout showing the pros of allowing solar farms in Marion.

The Bylaw proposal was passed in June and will be on the floor for the town residents to discuss in October. Planning Board members Rico Ferrari and Steve Kokkins gave a presentation. Board member Norm Hills, also a member of the Marion Energy Management Committee commented on the presentation, thus showing the dynamic of having more than one person on one board in town.

Cumberland Farms’ Request for Determination in Site Plan was rescheduled due to a no-show. The next Planning Board meeting is scheduled for October 21 at 7:00 pm.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry


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