Easement Holder Can Cut Vegetation

The Rochester Conservation Commission ruled Tuesday night that Gregory Kamon of 11 Briarwood Lane could cut vegetation specified by the Commission on the easement that he shares with David Gomes.

Gomes lives on the adjacent lot, and he disagreed with Kamon’s decision to cut vegetation along the walkway, which borders Gomes’ deck.

“I don’t want to cut a lot,” said Kamon. “I just want it to be passable. I’m not looking to do a lot. For the very few times I put a canoe in, I just want a spot to get it in.”

Gomes argued it was illegal for Kamon to perform work on his property, but the Commission ultimately decided it was reasonable for Kamon to perform plant maintenance to the path.

Gomes has 21 days to appeal their decision, and if he wants to, he can take legal action regarding the matter.

The Commission also discussed the allocation of $5,000 from a grant they received from the Makepeace Neighborhood Fund for the Dogget’s Brook project that is currently under way.

Commissioners said that several people have volunteered their time and equipment to working on the project, and that most of the money from the grant will be used for seeding and new signage on the property. The volunteers will clear overgrown vegetation on the path to the conservation area, as well as clear some large mounds that currently exist on the back of the property.

“It’s exciting,” Commissioner Rosemary Smith said. “It’s going to cost a lot for the seed mix, and it’s going to cost a lot for the signage.”

Smith added that they hoped the work would be done for the end of August so that the seeding could occur in the fall.

The next Conservation Commission meeting is scheduled for June 4.

By Nick Walecka

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