Easement Approved on Aucoot Road

The one item on the Mattapoisett Planning Board’s April 1 agenda featured the return of applicants interested in garnering a permanent easement through 88 Aucoot Road, Lot 80. If granted, the easement would allow owners of Lots 152 and 153 access through Lot 80 water access into perpetuity.

During the March 18 hearing on this matter, the Board said they would need to confer with Town Counsel, as they were not sure what the consequences might be from a resulting non-conforming lot.

Town Counsel has subsequently assured the Board that the easement would not create a non-conforming buildable lot, but simply a non-buildable parcel.

Having received the necessary information to make an informed decision, the Board moved to approve the application for an easement at this location.

Other business: Minutes were read and approved from March 18.

The Board Members also discussed reviewing the zoning bylaws to ensure their conformity with zoning maps. It was decided that this was necessary and will be completed.

The Planning Board’s next meeting is April 15 at 7pm.

By Marilou Newell

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