Driveway Paving Ok’d at Marion Planning Board

A driveway at 584 Delano Road was disused at the Marion Planning Board meeting on Monday evening.  Minutes from a 1993 meeting stated that drainage was an issue at the site.

Board member Patricia McArdle said that she researched the property at the Registry of Deeds and found no restristricion regarding drainage. Jon Kirk, owner of the Delano property addressed the board and said that paving had started but was stopped, due to a lack of a permit by the town.

Kirk and  Smith had hired Plymouth County Paving to pave the driveway at the location.

“Meeting minutes don’t present a legal issue,” said Board member Tom Magauran. “Marion passed, in 2005-2006, that impervious surfaces…from a non-impervious surface to another impervious surface was from a gravel driveway to an asphalt surface…that is within the by-law.”

The board approved the asphalt paving at 584 Delano Road.

The board announced that in 2013, the January 22 meeting will be held at the Marion Police Station at 5:00 pm, due to the holiday weekend.

In other business, Board Member Steve Gonsalves addressed Chairman Jay Ryder who is recovering from a health issue.

“Hope you are watching, Jay, we are saving the past minutes for you to approve…he loves editing the minutes,” said  Gonsalves.

Board member Steve Kokkins arrived on crutches, recovering from a knee replacement. The Board clapped upon his arrival and welcomed him back to service.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry

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