Down to the Last Vote in Rochester

The polls are closed in Rochester and it was a close one. With only two contested races and low voter turn out, it appears every vote counted.

In the race for Parks Commissioner, Kenneth Ross beat out Travis Lalli by one vote with a final result of 120 to 119.

In the only other race with more candidates than positions, Jennifer Kulak and Mary Duryea Levenson both won seats as Library Trustees with votes of 159 and 142 respectively, beating out Winston Sharples who received 134 votes.

In total only 265 of the just under 4,000 registered voters in Rochester turned out to vote.  Town Clerk Naida Parker said she sees this election as a dry run looking toward the November Presidential Election, which is sure to be busy. She stated that in November they plan to have assistance in the parking areas, a single direction of flow for traffic and overflow parking in the ball field, all to help the process continue smoothly. Parker was also unopposed in the election running for re-election as Selectman, receiving 218 votes.

Click here for the full results of the election.

By Paul Lopes

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