Cumberland Farms Parking Issues Discussed

A lively discussion was held regarding parking issues at the Cumberland Farms convenience store and gas station at the corner of Front Street and Route 6 in Marion.

Fender benders, issues at the pumps, and employee parking were discussed at Monday’s meeting at the Town House. All board members agreed that parking and “pulling in and out to gas up” were concerns.

“The width issues, coming in and out of the property, is an issue,” Building Inspector Scott Shippee said.

Board member Steve Gonsalves said that the current parking of employees’ vehicles across the street was temporary, and that permanent parking should be in the plan.

Another issue is the curb cut coming in and out of the modification of a pump.

Douglas Troyer, representing Cumberland Farms, said that there were four employee parking places, but that there needed to be more. Also, Troyer said that there needed to be more spaces available for pulling in and out for both gas and in-store purchases.

Troyer said that he would explore the issues and come back at the November 4 meeting with several solutions to propose.

In other agenda items, the Master Plan discussion was postponed until the next Planning Board meeting, scheduled for 7:00 pm on November 4.

By Joan Hartnett-Barry


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