Congressional Aide Faces Tough Crowd

There was great disappointment expressed when the handful of Mattapoisett residents arrived thinking they would be meeting with Congressman Bill Keating, only to find one of his aides was sent in his stead. Apparently a misreading of the notice from his office, which was read during a recent Board of Selectmen meeting, led residents to believe that Keating himself would be present.

Karen Wasielewski, District Representative from Keating’s office, was present to visit with Mattapoisett residents. However, she was confronted with residents whose questions were outside of her realm of expertise. She told Bob Atkins, John Clifford, Dan and Carmen Sullivan, and Paul and Sue Osenkowski that her specialties included such district issues as Medicare, Social Security, and Veterans’ Affairs.

Paul Osenkowski wanted to go on record that it was inappropriate that Keating not face the people he makes laws for. Again, Wasilewski asserted that Keating was never scheduled to be in Mattapoisett today, and expressed her apologies for the misunderstanding.

The few residents in attendance then decided to move forward and share with Wasielewski what they had wished to communicate to Keating for his consideration. The Affordable Care Act ranked high on their list of concerns. Osenkowski wished to ask Keating to consider supporting defunding of the act.

Another subject the group wanted to discuss with Keating was securing a fair solution for the issue of immigration.

Wasielewski told the attendees that Keating is scheduled to meet his constituents at the Bourne Senior Center on Aug. 28 for morning coffee. At this meeting, the Mattapoisett residents might have an opportunity to speak directly with the Congressman. With that said, they thanked Wasielewski for her time.

By Marilou Newell

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