ConCom Member Goes ‘On the Record’

Marion Conservation Commission associate member Shaun Walsh said on May 10 that he wanted to go on the record in response to what he said were allegations of a conflict of interest.

Walsh, an attorney for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, wanted all residents of Marion to know that whenever a denial for an application is made by the Marion Conservation Commission and appealed to the DEP, another DEP attorney is assigned the case – not Walsh.

“To the world,” Walsh stated, “I have nothing to do with any appeal from any decision that this board makes. And that has been discussed with the state ethics commission as well.”

Also during the meeting, the commission issued an Order of Conditions for Notice of Intent applicants Nancy Edmonds and William Murphy to raze an existing single-family house and build a four-bedroom single-family house at 296 Delano Road. The proposed house is in the ten-year flood plain and within the buffer zone of a coastal bank.

The commission also issued a Certificate of Compliance to George Silvestri of Seaside Lane for vista pruning. The pruning was rather “aggressive,” the commission noted, pointing out that underbrush clearing was too rigorous and too close to the 15-foot no work zone. Chairman Cynthia Callow said she blamed herself for not articulating any limits of underbrush clearing while she was on the site consulting with the property owner. The commission was concerned about any future buyers of the property not understanding that future vista pruning would have to again go before the commission, since Silvestri is currently trying to sell the undeveloped property.

The commission continued the public hearing for Virginia and Barrett Levensen of Cross Neck Road at the request of the applicant until the next meeting.

The commission will also request that an employee from the Town of Marion appear before the commission for an update on the Enforcement Order issued for unpermitted work at Washburn Park roughly two years ago.

“I think they’re waiting for us to go away,” said commission member Jeffrey Doubrava. “It’s probably the most egregious thing that’s been done in the town since I’ve been on the board.”

The next meeting of the Marion Conservation Commission is scheduled for May 24 at 7:00 pm at the Marion Town House.

Marion Conservation Commission

By Jean Perry


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