ConCom Approves Sippican Lands Trust Pathway

A newly acquired property adjacent to the nine-acre Howland Marsh on Point Road was approved June 25 for a maximum four-foot wide walking path that will connect with the existing Howland Marsh path.

Marion Conservation Commission members issued the Negative 2 and Negative 3 determinations, meaning that work will occur within the 100-foot buffer zone but will not alter or affect the wetlands, and granted the Sippican Lands Trust authority to maintain the path and to also lay a temporary “bog bridge” (two boards) over an intermittent stream.

Steward Yelena Sheynin said the lands trust has bigger plans for the osprey marsh property later in the year, pending a grant from the State to make more open space reserves handicap- and wheelchair-accessible. Sheynin mentioned wooden boardwalks as a possibility, for which the lands trust would have to file a Notice of Intent in the future.

Sheynin said what was most important at this point was to get permission to do the preliminary work by the end of July, a condition set by the landowner.

“In the meantime, we’ll do the minimum that’ll let you meet your commitment,” said Chairman Norman Mills.

Also at the meeting, Tabor Academy is tearing down a 12-foot by 16-foot stone building on Ryder Lane and will eventually install a low-lying hedge in its place.

Matthew Vander Pol presented the project that calls for razing the building, but keeping the stones for a future project and saving the roof structure for a project away from Tabor Academy. The commission issued a Negative 2 and Negative 3 determination.

The commission also issued a Negative 2 and 3 determination for Weweantic Properties LLC, care of Jack Hirschmann of 78 Wareham Street, to add grout and cement to the top of an existing licensed dock composed of rocks, situated right on the shoreline.

The commission performed a site-visit of the property and, with no plans to increase the dock’s footprint or alter the rocks in any way, approved the work.

Also issued a Negative 2 and 3, Barbara Nilson of 41 East Avenue has the go-ahead to upgrade the existing septic system at the property.

The next Marion Conservation Commission meeting is set for July 9 at 7:00 pm at the Marion Town House.

By Jean Perry


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